The Folk Show 12/29/13, hosted by Ron Lewis – Year-end show – Part 1 and Remember the Barbarossa

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Here’s our show originally broadcast on Sunday December 29th, hosted by Ron Lewis.

In the first part of the show, we highlight some of our favorite new releases from 2013. We didn’t quite finish, so we’ll continue our look back in early 2014. Then we talked to singer-songwriter Bill Gorak as we reminisced about the late-great Chicago folk club The Barbarossa

The Barbarossa

You can see the playlist for the show right here.




  1. John Benischek Says:

    Excellent show that featured 3 performers from the Barbarossa. I too was a bartender and performer at that special Folk Nightclub. It’s incredible that I was actually paid to witness some of the most magical moments I’ve ever experienced in a Folk music environment. Thank you for mentioning the Barb and bringing back so many wonderful memories.

    John Benischek

  2. Ron Lewis Says:

    You’re welcome John.

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